Spare-Time Hobbies

Spare-Time Hobbies builds custom radio control vehicles, on demand 3D printing, 3D-design, and 2D Vector Design. You can purchase our 3D print designs, STL files and products; we can print your designs for you. 

All 3D Printed orders are produced when ordered. 3D Printed orders can take 1-10 Days to ship depending on the current number orders. All orders are printed in the order they are received.

All 3D Printed orders are produced when ordered.

Orders can take between 1 to 10 Days to Ship.
Shipping speed depends on the current number of processing orders and my day job work load. Orders are produced in the order they are received.
Some 3D Prints are also available through Shapways @

Feel free to send us a message on Facebook or e-mail to inquire about your order.

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Empowering the Makers

             I have a passion for emerging technology.  Especially in the area of 3D Printing and design. Since I was a child, I dreamed of being able to down load my own RC parts instead of having to wait on the mail. Today's technology is starting to make that possible.

             I print and designs for those who do not have access to a 3D Printer or the ability to produce content. My vision is to empower makers and hobbyists by designing and making parts available for self production. I believe the future lies in smaller centralized maker spaces where anyone can produce parts from available content. My vision is to help provide those designs and eventually, a maker space. Your support helps make all this possible.

About Us

Adam Bavuso

Owner - Designer

            My passion for R/C dates back to the early 90's when I work a paper rout with the dream of buying my first Hobby Grade RC Car, the RC-10T. My best friend Ryan Cornmesser (RC Addict) and I fell in love with the R/C hobby.

            In 2001 I earned and Associated Degree in graphics design and 3D modeling. In the mid 2000's I dabbled in making custom RC Comp Crawler Chassis under the name "AB Designs". It wasn't till 2013 I found a more affordable way to join my passion for R/C with emerging affordable 3D printing technology. 

            Ryan Started RC Addict while I was coming and going from Army deployments. In 2014, I built my first 3D printer and Ryan help me get Spare-Time Hobbies off the ground. I operate Spare-Time Hobbies in my spare time while serving full time in the United States Army.

           As my service to our great nation concludes, my dream is to bring Spare-Time Hobbies into the real world with a brick and mortar maker space, hobby shop and race track. A place where people can can come to learn and have fun.